• Best Activities to Beat Boredom During Wisdom Teeth Recovery

    Getting your wisdom teeth out confines you to your home as you recover and get back to looking less like a chipmunk, and more like yourself (presurgery). So what things are you to do to combat cabin fever? We’ve got a few ideas for the best activities to beat your post wisdom teeth surgery boredom.



    1. Binge watch your favorite sequence of movies or a new Netflix TV series

    This is probably one of the only times in your life that you don’t have to feel guilty for laying on the couch all day watching show after show. What else are you supposed to do with chipmunk cheeks and a sore jaw?

    2. Get started on your neverending reading list

    How many times have you said you’d read more if you had more time in the day? Good thing you got your wisdom teeth removed – now you have enough time in the day to read as much as you want. Don’t be surprised if you crank out reading an entire book or two while recovering from your wisdom teeth removal.

    3. Execute your DIY Pinterest board

    It’s time to put all of those pending do-it-yourself projects to work. You can even invite a friend over to join you in crafting.

    4. Online shopping

    You may be too embarrassed to go out in public with swollen cheeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your normal weekend shopping. Shop online until your heart’s content all from the comfort of your own bed.

    5. Go on a walk

    While it’s advised to refrain from any strenuous exercise or activities post wisdom teeth removal surgery, going on a nice stroll through your neighborhood is okay. Enjoy the fresh air, the beauty that surrounds your community, and find a few treasures while on your nature walk.

    6. Learn a new skill

    Take some recovery time to learn or do something new. With the internet readily available at your fingertips the resources to learn how to do something – how to play the old piano that’s been sitting in your house, how to create a simple website, or how to make a new recipe – are endless!

    Remember to take it easy after getting your wisdom teeth pulled, you don’t want to do anything will cause you to get dry sockets or delay your recovery time!

    If you have any questions about wisdom teeth swelling or what things you can eat post surgery, click here and here for more information.